Episode 18

Dead Man's Bones


April 20th, 2021

1 hr 8 mins

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Ernest & Allister find themselves trapped on the Split Fin as radiation, walking mold and mysterious, shadowy figures dog their every step towards uncovering the mysteries of the submarine.

Dark Tides is a weekly improvised audio drama series, set in the Hookba Archipelago. The show follows Ernest Marsh, a newly commissioned Park Ranger arriving in the Archipelago. And Allister Stern, a local conspiracy theorist and aspiring cryptozoologist. Together these young investigators unravel a twisted mystery of disappearances and fatal encounters with the uncanny as they search for the truth.
Can you trust the voices in your head? Can you survive the troubled waters? Beware the Dark Tides.

Music from - VIVEK ABHISHEK, White Bat Audio, Nier Automata, Shayne Orok, London Music Works, & REPULSIVE