Episode 23

Holding Out For A Hero *Season Finale*


May 24th, 2021

1 hr 27 mins 31 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Ernest and Sherman journey deeper into the heart of the mystery of the rising tide, mother and so much more. They are closely persued by Allister who has a bit more than a chip on his shoulder..who is also being followed by so much more than they can handle. One way or another, their going to be holding out for a hero on this season finale of Dark Tides!

Dark Tides is a weekly improvised audio drama series, set in the Hookba Archipelago. The show follows Ernest Marsh, a newly commissioned Park Ranger arriving in the Archipelago. And Allister Stern, a local conspiracy theorist and aspiring cryptozoologist. Together these young investigators unravel a twisted mystery of disappearances and fatal encounters with the uncanny as they search for the truth.
Can you trust the voices in your head? Can you survive the troubled waters? Beware the Dark Tides.

Music from - VIVEK ABHISHEK, White Bat Audio, Nier Automata, Doctor Who, London Music Works, Niel Young, Welshly Arms & Repulsive