Ever On - Trailer | Patreon Exclusive Series


March 21st, 2023

5 mins 56 secs

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About this Episode

Welcome to Ever On! A sequel series to The Ever-Pleasant Mr Bates. The show follows Olivia Kelly 10 years after Mercy's Creek. As she puts together a team of monster hunters, based on the anchient writings of The Hunters. Her quest to protect those that can't protect themselves and to stop an event like Mercy's Creek from ever happening again leads her across the globe and causes her to meet a wide range of new and returning characters from Dark Tides, including Warwick, the Bell sisters and many more!

Created by Chester Lidden and starring: Megan Greyling, Kate and Caleb MccJones, Bejae Ingate and Micah Riley with guest appearances from Aubrey Lidden!

This show will be airing by weekly on patreon.com/darktides across all tiers! so for as little as $1 a month you can listen along and explore the uncharted region of time between Mr Bates and Season 1 of Dark Tides!