Episode 9: Let There Be Light Again


May 31st, 2022

2 hrs 28 mins 51 secs

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About this Episode

The brutality of the night appears to be fading away as our gang take one last moment to talk and reconnect while they wait for the storm to finally hit. This is the moment they begin to question how Bate's knows so much about them?

Content Warning: Swearing, mature scenes and horror themes!

The Ever-Pleasant Mr Bates is part of Dark Tides season 3, a collection of shorter shows that will be earing every other week over this year while we prepare for returning to Ernest and Allister in season 4. Mr Bates is a prequel series that expands the law and world of Dark Tides and begins building up to the next proper season of Dark Tides. This show has been created by Chester Lidden over the past year. There is no need to listen to the previous two seasons of Dark Tides to understand Mr Bates but it does help to have that knowledge.