S2 Episode 11: Black Smoke Rising


September 21st, 2021

1 hr 15 mins 55 secs

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About this Episode

Ernest and Allister find themselves outside as the howls fill the small town of Slateridge. Tyr's forces are scattered and confused as they are caught off guard by an immidiete attach from creatures they were not expecting.

(Content Warning: This episode is mostly tame and remains at the same level as the rest of the season, it features some scary scenes but the content warning is mostly for this arc as a whole)

Dark Tides is a weekly paranormal actual-play series, that follows Ernest Marsh and Allister Stern, two young investigators who seek the truth behind many twisted mysteries. Season two sees our characters venturing far and wide in search of answers to ancient betrayals and the key to their own past. While they set a watchmen against that which lurks in the deep. Can these young investigators survive the perils that lie ahead? Can you trust the voices in your head? Beware the Dark Tides.