S3 Episode 1: Little Dark Age


October 25th, 2022

1 hr 35 mins 42 secs

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About this Episode

Dark Tides makes it’s return with Season 3 Episode 1: Little Dark Age! It’s been 2 years and Ernest has been tasked with seeking out those friendly to his cause to begin building allies against Mother as she turns her focus to other realms. He has journeyed across most of the world and now finds himself in a small fishing boat, heading for the Archipelago to seek out Allister as he hasn’t been able to establish any contact with him since the events of Season 2 that destroyed Tyr. What will Ernest find? What has kept Allister silent all this time? All of this and more in the brand-new season of Dark Tides!

Staring: Aubrey Lidden, Bejae Ingate and Chester Lidden

Featuring music from Artlist, Vivek, and Fuenz!

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